Virtually SF

Welcome to Virtually SF – my blog for anything I can think of that is SF, Fantasy and/or Horror related, as well as probably some other stuff too!

Why the title Virtually SF? Er… well, why not? I work in the tech industry and specialise in virtualisation but my main passion in life, the universe and everything inbetween is Science Fiction.

I suppose a more accurate description may be anything that involves use of imagination. I’ve always been very imaginative, ever since I was a child. I think I’ve always had a very active imagination and that has stayed with me into adulthood…

If you’re the sort of person that shuns anything that involves use of imagination or thinking, well this blog probably won’t be of much interest. But then, you’re probably pretty boring anyway, so if that’s you – off you trot and watch your football, Mr or Mrs Beige Trousers!

For the rest of us, hopefully you’ll find what I write here of interest and maybe sometimes even amusing. If I’m really lucky, you may even find it intentionally amusing!

So, why the blog? Well, I’ve always fancied blogging… I’ll be honest and say that this isn’t my first attempt at a blog but it is probably my first SERIOUS attempt at one. I’m hoping to put myself out there a bit more and make new friends, so if you come across this blog and read something familiar, odds are I’ve either posted something in a forum and decided to paste it here or maybe elaborate or build on it. I might do the opposite as well – if I think of something good, I may throw it into a forum somewhere and see what other carbon based units make of it.

Also, it’s a good excuse for me to ramble on endlessly about a load of old toss. Which I never ever do in real life. Never.

Please do feel free to comment although I do ask that you at least try and be constructive if you’re going to be critical! If you want to just be nice or flatter me then you don’t need to constructive at all with that! Cheers!


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