The Last jedi – Luke finally says something!

The teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie – The Last Jedi – was released at Celebration. I must have seen this about a dozen times now as they’ve played it a number of times on the live stream from the event over the weekend (see my previous post if you want to watch the whole thing!) but that’s by no means a bad thing!

Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet (if you haven’t, where have you been? Dagobah?!):

It’s a teaser so it doesn’t reveal much but it is good to just see *something* after a wait that feels like forever. Yeah, I know we’re getting a new Star Wars movie every year right now but, as a fan, a year is still too damn long! 😉

At least we get to hear Luke speak – I still think the TLJ will open carrying on straight from TFA, with Rey handing the lightsabre to Luke, him looking at it and then saying… “No thanks, that’s not mine!”

Luke seems to have quite a bit to say in the trailer. I do have a theory about what the plot may be, including twists and I’ll share my theory on how I think this may go, in a short while.


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