The Return of Doctor Who

As well as all the Star Wars celebrating, something else worth celebrating happened this Easter weekend! Well, ok there was Easter itself (if you’re a religious type) but I’m referring to the long awaited return of Doctor Who!

After the BBC’s (stupid) decision to not have a series of Doctor Who last year, we finally got to see the Twelfth Doctor back onscreen along with new companion Bill and also Nardole.

I thought it was a pretty decent episode, it set up the new companion well and it will be interesting to see where it goes. I also thought the ‘alien’ had a creepy kind of ‘Ring’ vibe to it a bit.

I’m still sad that it will be Mr. Capaldi’s last season but at least we still have a few episodes to go and with the return of John Simm’s Master as well as a rumour now that we may see the First Doctor alongside the Twelfth for his final outing… it sounds like things could get very interesting indeed before he leaves!


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