The Return of Doctor Who

As well as all the Star Wars celebrating, something else worth celebrating happened this Easter weekend! Well, ok there was Easter itself (if you’re a religious type) but I’m referring to the long awaited return of Doctor Who! After the BBC’s (stupid) decision to not have a series of Doctor Who last year, we finally […]

Celebrating Star Wars

Well, I’ve spent most of Easter weekend watching the Star Wars Celebration stream live from the event in Orlando. I think it’s pretty cool that they allow you to see pretty much the whole thing – there aren’t many conventions that do that! If you’re interested – you can still watch the entire streams from […]

Star Trek and Me

So I’m trying to get myself back ‘out there’, for various reasons, and I want to get more involved in communities so I’m looking out for and joining clubs and online forums. If you’ve come to my blog from a forum post, what I’m about to talk may sound familiar to you, as I’m going […]

Virtually SF

Welcome to Virtually SF – my blog for anything I can think of that is SF, Fantasy and/or Horror related, as well as probably some other stuff too! Why the title Virtually SF? Er… well, why not? I work in the tech industry and specialise in virtualisation but my main passion in life, the universe […]